Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have something to that July 4th is over I'm a little sad. I get this way every summer, I get so excited at the beginning of summer and then after the 4th I just seem to get depressed because it means that summer break is almost halfway over. I'll get over it I suppose...and the next best thing I guess is to tell you about my July 4th weekend...which rocked!

On Friday the family and I went to Longs Retreat which is a big lake with a beach and campground with lots of little extras for the kids...go carts, rock climbing wall, miniature golf. The kids had a blast and so did the adults and I promised myself that I wouldn't mentioned Taylor and I getting stuck in a paddle boat in the middle of the lake for half an embarrassing! Here are some pictures from that day.

Everyone had so much fun that day...I'm pretty sure that the adults had as much fun as the kids (I know I did).



  1. Oh my gosh...Fantastic pictures. Looks like a fabulous time. We've had such chilly weather here in the Great White sucks..I'm envious..

  2. Great pictures! It looks like a blast!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun - I love the shot of the baby in the mud, I wish adults could just let go like that!!
    Enjoy the rest of the summer!


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