Monday, June 15, 2009

This weekend was a blast! On Saturday Jamie and I took 5 of our 6 children to Kings Island (our local amusement park) for his company picnic and we all had so much fun. Gaige loved it and for days before we went he kept saying that he was going to see SpongeBob and that was the first character he saw when we got inside the gates he was so happy (but also a little afraid). The big kids seemed to have more fun than they've had in ages and there was NO fighting I was in heaven. I thought I'd share some pictures of the fun we had...enjoy!

Lil Man running away from Sponge Bob!

He wasn't as scared with Daddy holding him!

Me and my man

My pretty girl!

3 of our 4 girlies!

Gaige and his Tay Tay.

Kaity, Savanna, and Pablo!

Having fun on Diego cars as Gaige calls them.

Loghen (our oldest) taking some of the little kids through SpongeBob's Water Works.

All of our babies! (Bub was a little upset though I'm not sure if it was because he was tired or because I was taking his picture while he was sitting in a pink


  1. I love Kings Island! I have been going there since I was 6 and worked there when I was in High School. Looks like you had a great time! Did you ride the new Diamondback? I am bummed because I have to wait til next year... pregnant this summer, so I will just be enjoying the train and the waterpark! :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. We love KI too! And no Diamondback for me that thing is nuts! The biggest coaster I go on is Adventure Express...I'm a!

  3. Oh Awesome!!
    Looks like a great time. My Joe loves loves loves Sponge Bob..

  4. That looks like fun! I need to take my kids to an amusement park but I'm always afraid of the potential meltdowns!

  5. So much FUN! We're headed there this afternoon once I get my work done. I have a couple of little maniacs that like to ride all the fun stuff. We're really into the Diamondback this yr - as is everyone else. Great stress relief ;)

  6. I haven't been to Kings Island in a few years :( Every time we drive from MD to Cincy and pass it, I always just want to "stop in", but being in the car for 7.5 hours already at that point doesn't make my kids too anxious! LOL


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