Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summertime means one thing to me...grilling! I love to grill, but I am terrified of starting a fire with charcoal or lighting our gas grill. This means that I have to depend on my fiance to light the grill for me which I hate.

When I was given the opportunity to review the Flame Disk I was super excited because it meant I would finally be able to light the grill and be grill master again...yay! The Flame Disk is a charcoal alternative which uses solid ethanol grill fuel in place of charcoal. The Flame Disk is a safe, fast, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels. It's super easy to light and cooks for about 40 minutes. The taste is actually very close to charcoal thanks to the smoker plate which creates that flame grilled taste we all love.

I was actually quite impressed with how well the Flame Disk performed! It was very easy to light, strike one of the matches that are provided and drop it onto the Flame Disk and the disk does the rest. I was skeptical at first at the Flame Disk's ability to get hot enough and stay hot enough to cook a steak but very quickly realized that my worries were unfounded because it did indeed get hot and it stayed hot enough to cook a one inch steak to well done!

While I tested the Flame Disk at home I think the Flame Disk would make more sense for grilling at the lake, at the campground, or even tailgating at a football game. The price while very reasonable (at $14.99 for 3) is a little too steep (at least for me) to purchase on a regular basis and as much as we grill it really would end up costing far more than the alternative fuels. I would however absolutely purchase the Flame Disk in place of charcoal on every single camping trip I take it's that convenient!


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