Thursday, June 18, 2009

Organization is something that I fear, seriously I am terrible at it! Try as I might (and Lord knows I do try)I can never seem to get and stay organized. Having four children demands that I be somewhat organized so I've made it my mission this summer to get more organized! One of the biggest issues is all of the stuff my children accumulate. No matter how organized I try to get them to be they never seem to take an active interest in keeping their "stuff" neat.

I have always been a huge fan of Command hooks, they are a renters dream! So when I was asked to review Command's new Disney- Themed hooks I was quick to say yes! I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to "try" and get my kids to be excited about organization!

First let me give you a little information about 3M and Command hooks. 3M Command offers a huge line of mounting products that include; clips, hooks, picture hangers, and many other organization products. The most unique thing about Command hooks is the stretch release technology that allows for a strong hold with no damage when they are removed! The 3M Disney-themed command hooks provide a fun and stylish way for your kids to get and stay organized and they come emblazoned with your kids favorite Disney characters; Hannah Montana, Cars, Disney Pricess, Disney Fairies, and Camp Rock!

As soon as my gift basket arrived (yes 3M sent me the nicest gift basket ever full of Command Hooks) I knew that I had to get serious about my organization project. The first place I started was in my sons room and since his room is already decked out with Cars I thought it was the perfect place to install some of the Cars hooks.

My sons backpack before Command Hooks (if you notice it's help in place by a thumb tack).And after...if you ask me the puppy looks a little happier with the Cars hook!

We also used the hooks to place in the hallway by my daughters' rooms. One of my biggest pet peeves is when both of my oldest girls throw their purses, backpacks, and beach bags all over the floor...or worse on their door knobs.
Using the Disney Fairies and Hannah Montana hooks.

I have to admit that using the 3M Command hooks did make organizing a lot nicer to look at! The new Disney-themed Command hooks are available at mass merchandisers, drug, and craft stores nationwide and retail for between $4.97 and $10.97.



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