Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love to take pictures! I do not however like trying to edit said photographs with the less than desirable software that came with my camera! I end up with good pictures that could be amazing if I had the right software.

A few weeks ago I was given the chance to review Aurora Photo Editing software and I couldn't have been more excited! When I downloaded my copy of Aurora and prepared to edit my photos I noticed that there were not too many editing options; relight, crop, change the crispness, red eye basically the same options as my camera software. I half-heartedly began editing a picture and was instantly excited all over again! Even though there are not as many editing options as I would like to have seen the options that are there are FAR superior to any photo editing software I've used. Using Aurora I was able to transform my pictures into amazing photographs. There are several features of Aurora that I find very appealing.
  • Aurora's visual editing is by far the best I've seen. With the pop-up image selector you are able to see exactly what your photographs will look like with any given editing option before ever committing to a selection.
  • Publishing and sharing your edited photos is super simple as well. You can email, print, and publish your photographs to several social networking sites including Flickr, Facebook, and more from within your Aurora account.
  • Aurora also has an incredible online backup service which lets you store thousands of photos for less than $5 a month.
But as with all things seeing is believing! Here are some photos that I edited using Aurora!

Before Aurora

After Aurora

Before Aurora

After Aurora

Aurora can be purchased for $19.99 and you can even download a Free 7 Day Trial here!


  1. Oh wow..what a difference.
    very cool indeed.

  2. Oh man that is awesome! There is a picture of my son and my cousin trying to play t-ball and my aunt took it and it is really far away. It is such a cute picture that I wish it was closer. I am downloading the free trial to play with right now. See people subscribing does really pay! Thanks sooo much!


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