Sunday, May 31, 2009

How many times have you put your toddler in his high chair to feed himself only to regret it 20 minutes later? How many times have you stared at your floor and the mess said toddler made in disbelief and wished that there was a way to combat the mess? As you can probably guess I've experienced this problem a time or (fifty). Bub is nearly two and so independent that he will allow me to do very little for him. He insists on feeding himself at night and refuses help from anyone. I was pulling my hair out every time I sat idly by and watched as he not only covered himself in his dinner but the floor as well.
(This is how Gaige usually looks after dinner..the picture really does not do the mess justice!)

I was surfing the Internet one day looking for the answers to my messy eater problem and came across something called the Wupzey food catcher (no not the TV show...this is much much better). Of course I just had to try it out because if it could solve my messy eater messes then I had to share it with all of you, so I received one to review. The Wupzey is touted as the ultimate baby food catcher for highchairs and I'll just say that it has made my clean up after meals so much less. The Wupzey is easily attached to any high chair and works to catch food, cups, and any utensils that the child may drop (though it only catches food dropped down the front of the high son has a bad habit of throwing his food and the Wupzey doesn't catch that). It is easily wiped off and can be placed in the washing machine as well. They come in many cute colors and patterns and Wupzey also sell bibs as well as shopping cart covers.
(The Wupzey really helped the mess on the to find something to help messy faces.)

So if you have a naughty toddler who thinks dinner time is play time then I would definitely recommend the Wupzey!


  1. Oh wow..that is so cool. The wupzey i mean.
    The pictures are adorable. Man he is cute!


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