Friday, May 22, 2009

If there is one thing my son loves it's backpacks (I have Dora and Diego to thank for that). He tries all the time to carry Taylor and Savanna's backpacks around but to no avail and I see the sad look in his eyes every single time he tries and fails to pick them up. I've looked into buying him his own backpack but most of the ones I've come across are either plastic (yuck) or they are way too big for him.

I found out about ecogear when I was asked to review one of the backpacks in their new kids line called ECOZOO. ecogear offers an array of Eco-friendly bags in many different styles in colors to fit anyone's taste.

We received the ECOZOO Puppy Backpack to review. As soon as I took the backpack out of the package my son went crazy screaming, "Backpack. Backpack!" I think he liked it. I liked the fact that the backpack wasn't too big or heavy for him. I swear to you he's wore that backpack every single day since it arrived in the mail. Let me give you a little information about the product.
  • ECOZOO backpacks are constructed of organic cotton canvas.
  • They have padded adjustable shoulder straps and they actually adjusted to fit my son (he's 2) and my middle daughter (she's 7)
  • ECOZOO backpacks are free of toxic dyes.
  • The backpacks are made using sustainable wood and organically grown accessories.
The ECOZOO line of backpacks come in 4 different animals, Panda, Puppy,Pig, and Elephant. They are available at and sell for $29.99.

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  1. That looks absolutely adorable.
    My Abby would love that..actually Joey would too
    thanksf or the review


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