Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I didn't hear from Molly and I waited until way after 5:00 pm so I had to redraw...the lucky # is!

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Timestamp: 2009-03-26 01:35:15 UTC

So that makes the winner:

Bee and Rose said...

Well now, you know how I am about good heart health being the wife of a very young bypass patient! Good old diet and exercise are the key in this house!

Thanks for bringing this important cause to light today!


Congrats girl!

I really need your info tonight so if that's possible please email it to me...a_proffitt79(at)yahoo(dot)com...I should be up late and I'll check first thing in the morning but I really need to send the info to the sponsors before I leave! Thanks!


  1. That is AWESOME!!!!

    I am so excited!!!!!

    Thank you!!

  2. Oh nooo! I am so sorry! I am having lots of computer problems and had to wait until the hubs was home with his. I am on pacific time too so that doesn't help...:( I am happy for Bee and Rose, though!

  3. No way I'm so excited I love me some Bee & Rose!

    Hi girlie can't wait to show off my bling! lOL

  4. I LOVE my bracelet! I wear it every day!!! Thank you so much!!!! It is fabulous!


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