Monday, March 16, 2009

Alright y'all, put the babies to bed, grab your significant others, and get ready for some major fun! Go ahead, I'll wait!...~Checks Watch~...All set? Great, let's go!

I'll be the first person to admit that I am not shy, actually I'm quit
e the opposite! That combined with the fact that I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut about things that I love is apparently a PR person's dream, because I was asked by a great company called Eden Fantasys (who you may or may not have heard of, but I assure you will never forget when I'm done) to do a review of some of their products.

So I know you're like, "So what? People do product reviews all the time!"
And while that is absolutely true, this review is for grown-ups only and I haven't seen too many of them, of course Lex has been there done this ( a couple times) and we love her for it!

Now I know that not everyone is as open about their sex lives as I may feel comfortable being so I promise you no play by play of the actual reviewing of the products. However, I will tell you that I know how hard it is being a mom and still trying to find time for ourselves and our significant others, but these products will make you put in the effort...I promise!

When I was asked to do a review for Eden Fantasys I was super excite
d (alright that may be the biggest understatement of the year). I am certainly no stranger to adult toys; I worked as a consultant (which just means I got to host parties and sell products) for a few years (now I know that you guys didn't know that about me) so I've pretty much seen it all! In my experience all of the adult toy sites are pretty much the same, except for Eden Fantasys; it is by far the best I've seen! The website is easy to navigate, with great pictures, and wonderful product descriptions, which is great because let's face it some of the products are not self explanatory! The people are great to work with and they definitely make shopping for sex toys (yes I typed it) so much less embarrassing.

In all of my excitement waiting for my package to arrive I didn't even stop to think about the fact that a package of adult toys would be arriving in my mailbox, so when I did start thinking about it I started freaking out thinking of all of the people who would see the package (the mail lady, my kids, my mom). I was mortified, but yesterday when my package arrived I didn't even know what it was! It came in a standard white shipping box with a nondescript shipping label (thank goodness because my oldest daughter actually checked the mail that day and was very peeved when I wouldn't let her open the box) that didn't even mention the company's name (Brownie points for that). And I can not go on about how quickly it arrived, I'm talking 2 days and it was here...they are majorly fast!
(See no big, black letters announcing...THIS IS A SEX TOY...very discreet)

Of course when I opened the box (thank goodness I had enough sense to do it in the privacy of my bedroom) I was excited all over again! The product that I chose for my review is called the Mistress Kit (don't you just love the name...kinda makes you feel all dominatrix-ish). I chose the Mistress Kit because I thought it would be the perfect way to spice up our love life without entering too deeply into the ever scary (at least for me) world of whips and chains...and I was not disappointed! The Mistress Kit is rated one of the top 10 light BDSM kits and is endorsed by famous sex educator Dr. Laura Berman, but if that's not reason enough to try it then let me go on. The kit includes a sensual purple feather tickler for driving your partner crazy, a matching pair of faux-fur lined handcuffs with keys, a satiny purple blindfold, and a pretty purple mesh bag to store it all in...pretty cool huh?
The contents of the Mistress much fun!

I'm always trying to find new ways to add a little excitement in the bedroom and this kit was's the perfect balance of kinky and sensual and it is definitely something I would recommend for all couples! I think women will enjoy this kit for the sense of control and dominance it gives you and I think that men will love it because it's something different and exciting! No matter how open you are to trying new things I think this kit is the perfect starting point!

Whatever your preference I promise you Eden Fantasys has what you're looking for!


  1. Ohhh LaLa! I didn't even see that one! Now that looks like fun! You crack me up girl. I so could see you hosting parties I bet you rocked at it! That's my girl!

    Great review, you're so good with words! Love it!

  2. I would like to thank you for sharing a little part of your world with the rest of
    I am so glad your kit came with a feather...after all, you know what they say...a feather is kinky, but a whole chicken is perverted!
    LOL LOL LOL teehee teehee.
    Sorry just could not resist.

  3. I LOVE those parties! I love this set. And the color is very pretty for us girls!

  4. slinky! You naughty girl!

  5. Now I know how I missed this post-- this is one of your blogs not on my sidebar... Never see it's updates. Will fix that right quick like.

    Oh, and my comment?

    lucky Asshole...


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