Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now I've seen it all! I came across this article this morning on Yahoo.

A BlackBerry for babies? Are you kidding me? As if me texting isn't bad enough.

Why on earth would Leap Frog taunt us parents like this? I mean it does make sense...I've lost more than my fair share of cell phones to the kitchen sink (full of dishwater) and the toilet (that seems to draw kids like a magnet) because of my son was "texting" and accidentally dropped or threw my phone. But do I really want to encourage the habit so early? The answer is simple...maybe! The reason? Well if this little device can teach them the alphabet (because lets face it trying to get a one year old to listen to anything you have to say is almost impossible) then I'm all for it! In the past I've tried everything known to man to get my kids to learn their ABC's in the fastest, easiest way possible and that was a challenge in and of itself! So why not take a little help when it's offered? I just hope my son doesn't walk into walls and have a permanent crink in this neck from looking at the screen all the time (not that I've walked into any walls or anything...much).


  1. LOL..
    wow..i never saw this one..but i know three little kids who would love it!

  2. Haha thats so cute, its my nephew's 5th birthday here soon. I might have to get that for him. He is so smart. :D

    PS I love your blog, and I probably tell you that everytime I comment here. haha

  3. OMGoodness! I am amazed at some of the products they have out for little ones now! LOL

  4. My (future) babies had better know how to use a blackberry immediately after I pop them out. Hahaha just kidding. Sort of. I heart my blackberry

  5. That's worse than the four year old I saw with his OWN I-Phone the other day. His favorite thing to do was gnaw on it. I kid you not.

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  6. Okay, this just makes me sad. Why do babies need this? What happened to letting them play before requiring them to be techno-savvy?

  7. LMAO @ Lazy Housewife...and I so know what you mean because I'm just a little (at least that's all I'm willing to cop to) obsessed myself!


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