Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's like I've said a hundred times having kids is not the easiest job in the world, in fact it's probably the hardest. I mean think about it...we're in charge of raising the future leaders of the free's that for work related stress! And further more kids don't come with instruction manuals (kinda makes your husband look real stupid when he has the instructions on how to assemble a bike but it ends up looking more like a skateboard) us moms are forced to go it alone, of course there are parenting books, but we don't read them...and why not? Because that's just affirmation that we're doing it all wrong and most of us are alright playing stupid. Like when you're son eats M&M's for dinner and you say "Oh I thought the green and yellow ones could be substituted for veggies." or when your daughter smacks the dog crap out of a little girl that's been picking on her for months and you are right there cheering her on (not that I would do either of these...I'm just saying) now if we had read those parenting books we wouldn't be able to do that. It's not that parents are supposed to be perfect because that's just an unreal expectation that none of us could ever live up's that we are suppose to strive to achieve our version of perfection! Even though the majority of us will never come close to what we envision the perfect parent to be we always live every day with that goal in mind. We never give up in the face of defeat (and trust me 4 kids and a dog against one mom would fall under this category), when things get hard we are the ones who hold it all together (the glue of the family so to speak), we so lovingly and without a second thought give up every ounce of ourselves to ensure that our families have everything that they need...but when do we do that for ourselves? NEVER or Not Nearly Enough! So I propose that we make every Monday...Mommy's Day...not to be confused with the overly commercialized and not nearly often enough Mother's Day. Mommy's Day is a day where we take time for us (20 minutes, an hour, all week) it doesn't matter how long just that we take care of us!

So Happy Mommy's Day to all of my fellow Mommy's!



  1. Your blogs are so cute! I agree with you. I never feel like I'm doing the 100% best job as a parent, but I'm always trying! Happy Mommy's Day Monday to you too.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Your baby is so cute, my Wordless Wednesday last week was a pic of my little baby as well. I have been inspired by your proposal, Happy Mommy's Day!

  3. What a great idea and very well said!


  4. Well said indeed.
    I think Mommy's day is a fantastic idea!


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