Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I asked my oldest daughter yesterday if she would mind me featuring some of her writing on my blog (she loves to write and as a lover of the written word myself I try to nurture that love as much as possible) of course she said yes. I decided that I would feature her writing on Thursdays and call it "Thursday's with Taylor." For her first post I asked her to write a few sentences about what Christmas means to her...enjoy.

The Meaning Of Christmas

By Taylor
The meaning of Christmas to me is thanking the Lord .We celebrate Christmas on December 25 Each Year. The reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus birthday that’s what people think and say. When I wake up that morning I am so, happy when I see all the presents. But I always remember the Lord’s birthday.


  1. What a really sweet sentiment my your daughter. She must be very proud to have her own spot on your blog.....I know my girls would love it too, I 'll have to remember to let them post some time.


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