Saturday, December 6, 2008

So in the midst of trying to decorate for Christmas my house has come under attack, by what you ask...the stomach flu! Last Monday my oldest daughter told me that she wasn't feeling well, I knew instantly that I better break out the Lysol, because she's one of those kids who never feels bad unless there is something major wrong! She's also one of those kids that when she gets sick...she gets SICK. I tried to isolate her in her room, but since she shares a room with my middle daughter that didn't work, and then there were two! The beginning of last week was pretty much a blur , I do however remember cleaning up my fair share of bodily fluids, which was just wonderful. By the middle of the week things seemed to be looking up; the girls were back to arguing and making messes so I knew they were feeling better. Relieved I decided that they could come out of isolation and join the rest of the family. Well as soon as I inhaled to breathe a sigh of relief my son came toddled over to me managed to get out "Mom Mom" and then spued all over me, my favorite chair, and my infant daughter that was in my arms...not his best moment! *sigh* (And no it was not one of relief) The remainder of last week was spent in pretty much the same way the beginning was; taking temperatures, cleaning up more bodily fluids, and trying to convince my one year old that Pedilyte is "yummy" not an easy feat!

I am proud to report that my newborn did not get the stomach flu (thank goodness), my three oldest children are doing MUCH better, and that once the stomach flu managed to skip me...thank God on that one because who cleans up the mess when mom is sick? (Not to self: That would make a very interesting topic to blog about.) Hope everyone out there in Blogland manages to miss out on the stomach bug as well...happy blogging!


  1. yeah, I dodged the stomach thing but have the head and chest cold. not bad if you don't mind not breathing.

  2. Oh, darlin, I feel for ya. That just CAN'T be any fun. I have had my share of pukes, poops, spit-ups, and boogers. It's a mom thing. Hope you all are back to 100% soon!

  3. Thank goodness everyone is doing much better. It is never easy when sickness like that rears its ugly head.

    Hopfully it moves out and stays gone.



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