Saturday, May 3, 2014

Have I told y'all how much I've missed this whole blogging thing, because I really, really have!

Unless we're friends on Facebook, chances are that you didn't know that recently we moved into a new house, a house in a new town (one that I've never lived in, but that my husband grew up in), and a house that I love SO much that I can barely stand it!  Of course, the very first time I saw the house we left and I told my husband, in no uncertain terms, that I would not, for any reason, be moving there.  Obviously, I changed my mind and fell so in love with it that I couldn't imagine now not living here, but when I say that it was a challenge from day one...I mean that!

When we first decided to move into the house, we decided that there was quite a bit of remodeling that needed to be done before it was ready to move in.  We gave ourselves a month to complete all projects (we wanted to do all of the work while we were still living in our old house) and a modest budget, because initially we were only supposed to do a few cosmetic changes ( a few new floor treatments, new paint in all of the rooms, that sort of thing), but then the water leaks...yes leaks, happened and that kind of changed everything!

Everyone knows how completely awful this winter was and the previous owners of our house decided to turn off the water, electricity and gas  in the dead of winter...bad idea.  The day after I had the electric, water, and gas turned on my husband and I were working in the bathroom and something that sounded like a bomb went off under the house...that was the first water leak.  Several water leaks under the house, a recurring water leak outside and a massive water leak in the upstairs bathroom later...we had blown past our budget and were running out of time... not a fun start to our new house.

Since I wanted to share with all of you the journey that we are taking with our new house; including what we started with, everything that we've completed thus far and our future plans, I decided that it would be easiest to do a series of posts documenting everything.  This first post will be the BEFORE...can't wait to show you the AFTER!

Our New House Before Remodel
WARNING:  It was a MESS!  Ignore the blurry cellphone photos, my 12 year old was playing photographer and well, my phone just sucks at picture taking! 

The kitchen before.

The massive water leak did SO much damage in the living room that the entire ceiling had to be ripped out!

The living room before remodel and after the water leak...nice ceiling huh?!?

Downstairs bathroom before...pretty nasty, right!

Downstairs bedroom #1

Downstairs bedroom #2

Upstairs hallway.

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs bedroom #1

Upstairs bedroom #2

I told you it was a mess. There's another bedroom upstairs, but for some reason the pictures did not save on my phone, but I'll have lots of After pics of that too.   I'm very happy to report that it looks a million times better now, we're no where near finished with everything that we want to do, but it's coming along and really beginning to look like our dream house!  Stay tuned for lots of After photos of each room and remodeling updates!

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