Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One of my biggest complaint when it comes to housecleaning, is constantly (and by constantly, I mean several times a day) having to mop my floors, it’s a never ending battle to keep my hard surface floors clean and it’s one that I often lose.  Between the four kids who track absolutely everything into my house, our two cats who I swear spill their water and food several times a day just so they can sit and watch me clean it up (it’s become a game to them and I swear they’re smirking at me every time it happens) and my husband and BIL who are worse than the kids about dirtying my floors (yes, that’s entirely possible), I find myself standing and staring (in utter disbelief) at how dirty my floors can get in such a short amount of time.  While most of my adult life I’ve used a traditional mop to clean my floors, my life and the way I cleaned my floors, was forever changed when I discovered Shark steam mops (thanks to a fellow blogger’s review) about 4 years ago.




The very first time I used a Shark Steam mop was when my youngest daughter, now 5, was just a baby.  I was checking out other bloggers posts when I came across a review for the Shark Steam Mop, I read the review and honestly, the only thing I remember reading was that the steam sanitized the floors; with all hardwood floors and two babies crawling around all over the place, I was sold!  I went out the next day and bought the basic Shark Steam Mop and haven’t looked back, I still have that little sucker today and use it all.the.time!  Imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks ago I received an email inviting me to give one of Shark’s newest cleaning tools a try and given my love for the Shark Steam Mop, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review their newest (and in my opinion anyway, most awesome) steam mop, the Shark Steam & Spray™ Mop.


Now, most people probably don’t get all that excited about a new mop, but the Shark Steam & Spray™ isn’t just a regular mop either, so when I say I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and try it out, I mean that quite literally…I didn’t even take time to  take pictures of the parts before I put the mop together…my bad.  I will assure you though, that the mop comes in two pieces; the mop head and body and the handle and it was as easy as inserting the handle into the mop body and popping a few batteries into the battery compartment and the mop was ready to be filled with water and clean some floors.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to let you know what comes with the Shark Steam & Spray™


* 25 Foot removable power cord

*  1 Ultra Absorbent, Super Thick, Washable Cleaning Pad

*  2 Sanifiber Disposable Cleaning Pads

*  1 20 ounce bottle of Steam Energized, Multi-floor Cleanser (which is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets)


While the washable cleaning pad is a staple among Shark Steam mops, the removable power cord, Steam Energized Cleaner and the option of using disposable Sanifiber pads, are all upgrades that make the Steam & Spray™ the best yet, in my opinion anyway.  Now that you’ve heard about all of the goodies that come with the Shark Steam & Spray™, it’s time to hear all about what  this power machine can do. 




Perhaps the most impressive feat of the Shark Steam & Spray™ is that it is extremely versatile; offering the user 3 different (and powerful) cleaning modes.


1.  Steam and Spray:  When ENERGIZED with STEAM, Shark® cleanser reaches an even higher level of cleaning, ideal for breaking down the tougher stuck on stains & greasy floor messes.


2.  Spray only Cleaning:  Spray Shark® Gentle Floor Cleanser to break down tough dirt and grime.
Plus it's battery operated - go unplugged to spray and clean anytime anywhere!


3.  Steam Only Cleaning:  Sanitize floors in seconds with the power of super-heated steam.


I love that there are three different cleaning modes so that you can tailor the type of cleaning to your needs.  While I am very used to the steam cleaning mode with my old Shark, I was new to the Steam and Spray and Spray Only modes that the Steam & Spray™ offers.  Since most of my messes usually involve sticky spilled food and drinks, or dirt and mud that’s been tracked indoors, the Steam and Spray mode is the one I find myself using most often. Though I love my old Shark, I’d find myself being forced to use my old traditional mop to cut through the tough messes before I could steam clean, and using my traditional mop meant using more and more harsh chemicals to get the results that I needed with those kinds of messes, but with the Steam and Spray mode on the Steam & Spray™, the Steam Energized Cleanser cuts through tough messes without the use of harsh chemicals, while the powerful steam sanitizes…it’s the best of both worlds in one little machine!  Another unique feature of the Steam & Spray™ is the battery-operated, Spray Only mode that allows the mop to go cordless for smaller messes that don’t require sanitation.  I find myself using the Spray Only mode on small spills in the kitchen and for quick clean-ups in the bathroom and entryway, it’s a great alternative for those times when clean-up is necessary, but you don’t have a big job or need to sanitize.  Of course, I am still a big fan of the Steam Only cleaning mode, it is after all the reason I fell in love with the brand and their amazing products to begin with and it’s still one of my favorite features. 


Speaking of features, the Shark Steam & Spray™ mop has so a ton of features that make cleaning your floors easier and so much better than ever before.


  • *  Intelligent Electronic Steam Control

  • *  Cleanser Spray Button

  • *  25' Removable Power Cord

  • *  450ml Water Tank

  • *  Spray Nozzle

  • *  Ergonomic Handle

  • *  Washable Pads

  • *  SaniFiber Pads


Since I definitely believe that seeing is believing, I wanted to give all of you a little taste of what the Shark Steam & Spray™ is like in action…check it out!



While we’ve already gone over several of these features, I think it’s definitely worth devoting some time to one of my favorite things about the Shark Steam & Spray™, it’s ergonomic handle!  One of my biggest complaints with my old Shark steam mop is that the handle didn’t allow me to maneuver the mop the way I needed to in certain areas, mainly the baseboards, but the ergonomic handle on the Steam & Spray™, combined with the swivel head on the mop itself, allows for effortless cleaning in hard to reach areas without twisting and turning your wrist and/or the unit.  For someone like me who has severe Carpal Tunnel in both wrists, the ergonomic handle allows me to clean where I need to, without hurting my wrist and that’s a huge plus in my book.


If I had to choose a negative about the Shark Steam & Spray™, it would probably be that it is a little heavier than my old steamer, a small price to pay for such fabulous cleaning, but while it is a tad heavier, it’s almost identical in size so it takes up no more room than my old steamer and when you already live in a house that jam packed with seven people and all of their “stuff”…size matters.  Overall I love the Shark Steam & Spray™, it has definitely become my go-to floor cleaner and it’s going to take a pretty stellar machine to make my ever give it up…great job Shark!  If you’re looking for a great gift for the cleaning obsessed on your list this holiday season, the Steam & Spray is the perfect option!  Make sure you check out all of the great gift ideas in MIBR’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013



You can purchase the The Shark Steam & Spray™ starting at $199.99! 


Disclosure:  I received the Shark Pro Steam & Spray Mop from Shark to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!


  1. i think my mom would love this

    -stephanie j

  2. It's definitely one of the best steam mops I've used Stephanie! I think your mom would love it!


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