Thursday, February 14, 2013

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means one of two things…

1.  You’ve had your significant other’s gift picked out, purchased, wrapped and ready to go for weeks


2.  You’ll be stopping by the gas station on your way home to pick up a card (that is obviously as “gas station greeting card"), some flowers and maybe a Snickers for ( insert significant other here)


Me personally, I just did finish my husband’s Valentine’s Day shopping at around 8 o’clock last night (it’s been a crazy busy week for me), but my husband, God love him, will probably be stopping by Kroger on his way home from work (his week was just as crazy busy as mine).  If you’re down to the wire and completely out of ideas, I’ve got a great one for you courtesy of Duraflame!

I hate to admit it, but my husband and I take so little time for each other that we usually have to depend on holidays (i.e. Valentine’s Day) to make time for each other, I hate that and I know he does too.  Since we so rarely have the kind of time for each other that we’d like, I like to make the time we do have as special as possible and that definitely goes for Valentine’s Day.  Sadly, my day today will be spent tending to the house (and of course taking care of the kiddos), attending 4 hours of basketball practice, then coming home cooking dinner and getting everyone in gear for Friday—notice there was like no time whatsoever there for my husband or romance.  Thankfully, Duraflame knows how busy parents (and everyone really) are every day of the year, that’s why they’ve put together a super quick, emergency romance kit to help keep the fire alive in your relationship this Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s face it, in our busy hyper-tasking lives, romance is often left off of our to-do lists or promised without delivery.  Let’s break that cycle this Valentine’s Day!

At Duraflame, we want to help people keep in their home fires burning, so we’ve created an emergency “romance kit”.  These inspiring, low cost ideas, just might make the difference between a cold or cozy night in the couch with that special someone.

Duraflame’s Emergency Romance Kit contains…

Gold 7 pound Duraflame fire log, a Barry White CD (because who better to put you in the mood than Barry White), Massage Oil (I really am liking this more and more), chocolates, bath fizzers and candles—you can never have too many candles! 


I don’t know about you, but that sounds a great night to me!  So if you’re looking for a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, take a little inspiration from Duraflame and snuggle with your honey by the fire!  Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

Disclosure:  I received the Emergency Romance Kit from Duraflame in exchange for this post…all opinions are 100% my own!


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