Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One of my favorite things about being a blogger who does product reviews, is having the opportunity to host parties for not only my friends, but my children’s friends as well…plus it definitely helps cement my status as the “cool mom” n my kids’ eyes.  Aside from gaining major mom points with my kids, I also love the opportunity to reach out to other moms and introduce them to products that they might not know of, but then end up loving, like Pinypon!pinypon-logo

Prior to being selected as a MommyParties Pinypon party host, I had only a vague recognition of the Pinypon name though the brand was very popular with boys and girls in the 80’s and 90’s, which is kind of sad, because I know that my oldest daughters would have loved these sweet little figures when they were little.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Pinypon brand, I want  to let you know a little more about them before I tell you all about our Pinypon party.

Pinypon are super adorable, fully customizable figures for both boys and girls age 4 and older.  Pinypon are toys that can be be played with individually, but also in groups to help children learn sociability.  By being customizable, Pinypon play provides your child(ren) with the opportunity to share accessories with his or her friends and even create an atmosphere where giving compliments is just part of the fun…two things that are very important to every mom I know.  It also doesn’t hurt that Pinypon foster creativity by allowing children to  Though there are many, many Pinypon, the fact that nearly every feature of  the figures can be changed (hair, eyes and mouth, clothes, accessories) means that the possibilities are endless and for my kids (especially Lil Diva) that means hours of fun!

Now that you’ve learned a little more about who Pinypon are, I can’t wait to share with all of you some of the fun we had during our Pinypon party. 

Since Pinypon are so customizable, I wanted to build the party around that theme and it didn’t take long to come up with the idea of a “build your own ice cream sundae” party, which Lil Diva was definitely on board with!  After buying all of the necessary supplies, sending out invitations and trying (daily, sometimes hourly) to keep Lil Diva out of the Pinypon goodies for the party, it was finally time to party and Diva couldn’t have been more excited!

While I always love seeing my kiddos get a chance to hang out with their friends and introduce them to new products, I also love interacting with the parents and teaching them about brands, it’s actually a lot of fun getting other moms (and dads) as excited about  a brand as I am.  One of the most asked questions by the other moms and dads was, “What are Pinypon?  I’ve never heard of them.”.  Since I also had the same question before I had the pleasure of finding out more about them, I was more than happy to give the other parents a quick rundown of who the figures are and what they’re all about.  All of the parents at the party seemed to be very impressed with the Pinypon figures, one of the comments I heard the most was how much the parents loved that the dolls head also serves as storage and while one of the moms commented that it was a little “creepy” most of us were extremely pleased to discover such useful storage.


The kiddos were also super curious about the Pinypon and the Nenuco dolls that also made an appearance at the party, as a matter of fact, the girls (and boy) were more excited to play with the toys than they were about building their own sundae’s…if you’re a mom then you know the significance of that, kids never say no to ice cream.  The kiddos finally did give in to their sugar cravings and our build your own sundae bar was THE place to be. 

Once the kids had their fill of ice cream, they were more than ready to play with their Pinypon and they wasted no time claiming their favorite figures.  I have to mention here that while the girls loved their Pinypon, the lone boy in the group Lil Man, was super excited that there was a boy Pinypon  as well.   I have to say, that as a mom of both boys and girls, there are so few toys that appeal to both sexes and I love that Pinypon does.  Lil Man didn’t feel left out of the festivities and that wasn’t lost on me or the other parents in the room.  When the kids sat down to play with their figures, one of the first things they all did was pull apart every single piece of the toy that they could manage, since Pinypon are pretty much made to mix and match and customize they went to work adding and trading and designing their perfect Pinypon—they had a blast doing it too!

Pinypon and MommyParties were completely awesome making sure that not only were there an assortment of Pinypon dolls for the kids to choose from to take home, but they also gave me a Pinypon Caravan and one of the super adorable Nenuco baby dolls to give away to two very lucky party guests.  We played “Pass the Pinypon” to determine the winner of the Pinypon Caravan, we decided to play it a little safer (win or lose games with children under 7 isn’t really a great idea, at least not in my experience) to chose a winner for the Nenuco doll so we drew a name from a hat (I know, but it really was the best way), both winners were extremely excited with their prizes and couldn’t wait to get them home to play.


Though there were a few tears shed, {Lil Diva didn’t understand why her friends got to take “her dolls” as she called them, home with them) but for the most part our party was very successful.   All of the kids had fun and the parents seemed to genuinely like Pinypon and Nenuco and they were all extremely excited about the coupons that came in their goodie bags, a couple even commented that they would be checking them out as holiday gifts—I think that means that our party was a huge success!

If you’d like to check out Pinypon and Nenuco make sure you Like Pinypon and Nenuco on Facebook, Follow Pinypon and Nenuco on Twitter and visit their websites! 

I’d like to thank MommyParties and Pinypon for giving us the opportunity to throw a Pinypon party…we had a blast!

Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned above in order to facilitate our party , all opinions are 100% my own!


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