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If there’s one thing I am, it’s loyal to the brands that I depend on every day to help take care of my household and family.  That said, I do love trying new brands that I may not normally know about or get the opportunity to try, that’s one of the best things about being a blogger who also does reviews.   A few weeks ago I was sent a few cleaning and household products that are not only super efficient at doing the job they are supposed to do, but that are also earth friendly—that’s always a plus! 

Since I love telling all of you all about the products that I get to check out…I thought I’d tell you about the three of these! 

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Laundry Detergent

Not only is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent super hard-working, it’s also super concentrated so its designed to do a big job using very little product—that’s a definite plus for me, especially given the fact that I do at least three loads of laundry per day!  Mrs., Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry detergent is safe and gentle on clothes, but does one heck of a good job removing all of the dirt and stains that my children so kindly cover their clothing in…daily.  Mrs-Meyers-laundry-detergent

Contains Anionic Surfactants from plant-derived sources, Borax, dirt and stain-fighting enzymes, and, of course, those important natural essential oils for a garden-fresh fragrance.   Safe for use on HE machines and it is earth-friendly so you can feel good about using it!






As I mentioned earlier, I am pretty brand loyal and I am also a bit of a snob when it comes to laundry detergent, so if Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day laundry detergent was going to convince me to try new things (especially new laundry detergent, if was going to have to wow me…and it did!  I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by how well Mrs. Meyer’s cleaned my children’s filthy clothing, it worked overtime to remove the various stains (I used it without an added stain fighter just to see how it compared to my usual laundry detergent).  Though I do like Mrs., Meyer’s Clean Day laundry detergent, the one thing I didn’t care much for was the scent, though it was lavender (which I do like) it just wasn’t the same as my usual brand, but scent aside I do like Mrs. Meyer’s and have used it several times since I received it! 

If you’re looking for a laundry detergent that works overtime, is earth-friendly and safe for all machines, you have to check out Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day laundry detergent!

Buy It!

You can pick up Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Laundry Detergent online for $15.99 for 64 loads!

Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint

While I am almost completely brand loyal to my laundry detergent, I’m not nearly as strict when it comes to my dish liquid so when I received the Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint I was actually excited to try it out!  If you haven’t heard of Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint dish liquid, let me be the first to introduce you.

In addition to smelling amazing, I love the Wild Mint scent, the dish liquid has no problem whatsoever tackling  tough greasy messes.  It contains soap bark extract, a natural degreasing ingredient, and aloe vera gel to care for your hands. Rinses completely.






I really have to mention again how much I loved the Wild Mint scent of the Caldrea Palmarosa dish liquid, it smells so good, but it also does the job its designed to do…and then some.  Though I use the dish washer for most of the dishes, I usually wash my pots and pans by hand and the Caldrea Palmarosa had no problem cleaning even the toughest, greasiest, baked on messes.  My favorite thing about this dish liquid was that it doesn’t dry out my hands and when your hands are in water as often as mine are, that’s a minor miracle.

Caldrea Essential Collection Kitchen Fragrance Diffuser

Last, but not least I received the Caldrea Essential Collection Kitchen Fragrance Diffuser to try out, now if you know me then you probably know how much I love products that make my house smell amazing, so I was really excited to try this one out! 






A combination of natural oils and a flameless product are just a few of the reasons I really like  the Caldrea Essential Collection Kitchen Fragrance Diffuser.  Though I’ve used diffusers before, I ‘d never used one quite like this so it was a little new to me, but it has quickly become one of my favorite things!  I love the subtle, yet unmistakable scent, the Herbs of Provence scent is so fresh and clean, it adds a constant, pleasant smell to my kitchen 24/7.  hk_hop_kitchdiff_pop


You can find out more about all of the Caldrea Essential Collection on the Caldrea website!

Disclosure:  I received the products listed above to review…all opinions are my own.

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