Thursday, July 26, 2012

Every girl knows that any excuse for a party, is a pretty darn good one and when ice cream is involved…well that’s even better!Cadbury-Ice-Cream-Bars-by-Blue-Bunny

Recently I was given the opportunity to host a Cadbury Ice Cream Bars High Tea party for my girls

and some of their friends, the kids had a blast wearing their very stylish fascinator hats and having a “fancy” tea party.

Let’s be honest, what little girl doesn’t like getting dressed up and having a party with her friends?  I know all three of mine have at one time or another, been obsessed with tea party's and fancy hats, Lil Diva is currently in the, “Let’s have a tea party MOM!” stage, so when they found out that they would be able to invite some of their friends over for a Cadbury High Tea Party they were very excited. 

All three of my girlies had fun getting all dressed up, inviting a few friends over, and had a blast having a real high tea, but the stars of the show were definitely the Cadbury ice cream bars!  Since no party is complete without ice cream, Cadbury and MommyParties made sure that we had plenty to go around and I’m pretty sure the mom’s were all smiles when their daughter’s brought home some Cadbury ice cream bar coupons! 


I must admit, I kind of questioned how ice cream fit into the tea party theme and then I tried one of the Cadbury™ Caramello™ Ice Cream Bars and I totally got it…not all ice cream is created equal and Cadbury’s Caramello bars are in a class by themselves.  It’s not often that I find an ice cream that my kids love and I find completely irresistible, but the thick milk chocolate shell and the creamy Blue Bunny ice cream swirled with caramely goodness!  I’m pretty sure that Cadbury ice cream bars make such an excellent tea party treat, because they’re sophisticated, but still totally delicious! 

I think that our Cadbury Ice Cream Bars High Tea party was a major success!  All of the girls enjoyed dressing up and wearing their “very cool” fascinator hats, going pinky up every.single.time they took a sip of tea, and the moms, well, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’ve found a new favorite obsession…Channing Tatum was getting old anyway!

Disclosure:  I received product and supplies for our Cadbury Ice Cream Bas High Tea party from Cadbury through MommyParties…all opinions are my own!

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  1. Sounds like you had a delightful party. Cadbury Ice Cream bars are quite delicious.


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