Friday, April 13, 2012

Wow…it feels like forever since I’ve written a blog post!


I’ve been sick for about 10 days now with what I like to call “The Crud”.  What’s “the crud” you ask?  Well, in my case it was a combination of bronchitis, a severe sinus infection and what I firmly believe was the flu—and it was so not a good time!  There was a silver lining however to the crud cloud…I’ve lost like 10 pounds, I would however, it was the best diet ever!

Anyway, I’m feeling better now and I am so behind on just about everything, including blogging! 
You may remember me talking about my recent visit to Revitalize MD Med Spa and Laser Center in Springboro, Ohio, it was such a fabulous experience and one that I have to share with all of you!  If you’re local to the Cincinnati/Dayton area I ever have an amazing giveaway coming up in the next couple of days so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

In my last post I introduced you to Revitalize MD and gave you the low down on a few of their services, but I can’t wait to tell you about my personal experience at Revitalize MD and a couple of the fabulous treatments that I received!  First up is the 60 minute Deep Tissue/Swedish massage that I had at Revitalize MD!

When you have kids, it usually means that you don’t often have a lot of time for you.  Between running a household, work and school I am constantly busy doing something for someone else and that leaves almost no time for me to do something for me—and it’s a little depressing!  So when I was asked by the ladies at Revitalize MD which services I would like to experience, I knew immediately that a massage was at the top of my list!

Revitalize MD’s Massage Therapy Services
Relax and unwind from the stress of your day with one of our signature massages from our staff of  Licensed Massage Therapists. We offer Deep-Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stone Therapy or Hot Bamboo Therapy massages. If pain relief is what you are seeking,  our Therapists may suggest a neuromuscular or myofacial massage. Prenatal massages are a wonderful indulgence for an expectant mom. From the earliest signs of pregnancy, you want to do the best for your baby. Receiving prenatal massages regularly can help both you and your baby as your body changes and grows.”


I had a 60 minute Deep Tissue/Swedish massage, given by Revitalize MD Med Spa and Laser Center’s resident licensed Massage Therapist, Heather Mullins.  I had never had a professional massage prior to this one so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was a little nervous about having my back massaged due to the nerve damage I suffered in my lower back after having my youngest daughter, but I mentioned the sensitive areas to Heather and she assured me that she would steer clear of any areas that were sensitive to the touch.  Heather left the room for me to get undressed and situation on the massage table and a couple of minutes later I was laying on the softest “table” ever covered in equally soft and snuggly warm blankets.  The massage therapy room was the perfect environment for relaxation; with the lights down low and calming music coming from the MP3 player, it didn’t take long for me to completely relax and slip into a serene, relaxing state of mind.  By the time Heather completed her massage I was more relaxed than I had been in years!  Heather did an amazing job of relaxing my back muscles without ever coming close to my most sensitive area—it was an experience that everyone should have! 

I’m not sure which I enjoyed most, Heather or the massage, but it was clear after my massage was completed that I had to have another…sometime very soon!  You can check out a short little video below (thanks Travis for the exceptional camera work) of the massage in action and don’t forget, if you’re local to the Cincinnati/Dayton area you can drop by Revitalize MD and see Heather yourself…tell her Allie sent ya!  For more information about Revitalize MD Med Spa and Laser Center you can check out the Revitalize MD website, Like Revitalize MD on Facebook and/or Follow @RevitalizeMD on Twitter!


  1. This post is really really excellent.. I am thanking you to share with us with hope that you will be continue.. you define "The Crud" is very well..

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  3. I can totally relate on your musings here. I have two little girls of 2 and 8 year old,I run my own retail business and I also have another job as a writer;which as you can see needs a lot of time and pressure. Massage is really what I definitely need and enjoy every weekend. Thank you for introducing Revitalized MD to me.. I will definitely have to come and experience what you just have...


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