Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I may have mentioned a couple of times here on Misadventures that my hometown is small—like super small—it’s actually a village—yeah, it’s that small! 


Anyway this teeny, tiny town that I live in has some of the absolute worst water quality anyway and for the past several years the powers that be in our town have been arguing over what to do about it.  Last year the council raised water prices and installed water meters—the meters were a step in the right direction, but fast forward nearly 6 months later and the residents of the village are finally told that the majority of the water meters were installed incorrectly and as a result the meters have not been working correctly since installation—seriously?  It took them 6 months to figure this one out—they definitely should have inquired about the services Vivint provides…I’m just saying it would have made sense to hire a company that actually knows how to install the water meters in the first place..right?water_faucet


This all has a point…I promise! 


So yesterday I was minding my business getting ready to start a load of dishes when I noticed that my water was brown and not just brown, but it had pieces of what looked like rock floating in it.  The first thing that came to mind was two years ago when the water quality was so bad that the EPA had to come to town not once, not twice, but at least once a week for months to try to fix the problem.  It was seriously 3 months of cooking, cleaning, and bathing with bottled water—it was not a good time…at all!  Thankfully the problem was finally cleared up and the issue of dirty water was one that hadn’t come up since, so naturally when I saw the brown water I panicked!   I’m happy to report that the  water cleared up rather quickly and I haven’t noticed any problems since—and I’d like to keep it that way!  I don’t think it would be asking for too much from the powers that be to take a look at some of the Vivint reviews so that maybe they’ll think twice before hiring the wrong company to install the new water meters that are supposed to be installed sometime within the next year or so…God help us all, I better start hoarding water now!


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