Sunday, October 2, 2011

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but I love this time of year!  From the leaves changing to my favorite holiday being right around the corner—Halloween!  And another awesome part of fall that I love is The Big Bang Theory coming to syndication—that means it’s on 5 nights a week y’all and I couldn’t be happier!image


Last Monday’s episode (“The Middle Earth Paradigm” from Season 1) has TBBT gang attending a costume party in Penny’s apartment and their costume choices are interesting, to say the least.  Penny dresses as a cat, Sheldon dresses as the Doppler effect, Leonard is Frodo from Lord of the Rings, Howard is Robin Hood but gets mistaken for Peter Pan and Raj is Thor, the Norse god of thunder.


Now, I am sure that I am not the only one who thinks that Raj, the undisputed quietest in the group, choice of Thor is a bit out of character, but I think it’s usually the quiet one who has aspirations of being big and might—right?  On the other hand, I  think that Sheldon’s choice of the Doppler Effect fits his character to a T as do Leonard’s Frodo and even Howard’s Robin Hood.  Penny’s cat costume in my eyes is a little off for her though as I can see her dressing up as a more female empowered role, like her Wonder Woman costume in a later episode. 


So who wins the costume contest in your opinion?  I say Raj and his Thor getup.  Why you ask?  Well, dressing up in a costume is supposed to bring you out of your element, you’re supposed to have fun with it and transform yourself into something that is the total opposite of who you really are and Raj as Thor definitely fits the bill—at least I think so! 


Don’t miss a second of the fun--The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 Night a Week—click here to check your local listings.


“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory in Syndication."


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