Thursday, October 7, 2010

I will start this post by saying that I am not a believer in polygamy, so since this post is about the show Sister Wives it’s a pretty good bet that this is not going to be without a few cuss words—if you’re easily offended…RUN…consider this your warning!image (Photo credit to E!Online)

I was sitting on the couch last night flipping channels when I came across Sister Wives, I hadn’t seen the show yet, but thought eh what the hell there’s really nothing else on.  So I turn it on and watch, and the entire time that I’m watching the show I’m thinking what the hell is wrong with these people…are they serious…are women really this ignorant…are men really in such need of sex that they need to have 2 or 3 or 4 wives?  Apparently the answer to all of those questions is one big loud YES!  I mean haven’t these people seen The 19th Wife

I really am not about judging others because of the way they choose to live their lives, but come on, this shit is WRONG and illegal, which is why I have no problem judging the shit out of these people.  Come on now they put their lives on television they had to know people were going to talk about it and that most of that talk was not going to be very positive!  And as sleazy and bad porn star wannabe as Kody looks I am not even that pissed at him, because admit it your husband would probably have another wife or two if you let him and so would mine, no I’m pissed at these women who allow themselves to be treated like disposable vaginas good for only getting pregnant and raising babies.  Wake the hell up…if your husband going to find a 30 year old woman to “add to the happy family” didn’t teach you a lesson then maybe seeing your daughters grow up to think polygamy is normal might.  No mother could want her daughter to be one of 3 or 4 or 5 or more wives, no woman would want her daughter’s husband to have multiple sex partners (because let’s face facts ladies…these “marriages” are all completely fake so when you get down to it all you are to him are a bunch of disposable vaginas and I’m pretty sure we already covered that one!  It’s cool if all of you “sister wives” have such low self esteem that you feel the need to let your husband cheat on you, because let’s just call a spade a spade here…that’s all he’s really doing he’s just more open about it than most men are.  But have some respect for the children who are force fed this crap because they have no other choice, because they were born into a “family” where love and devotion seem to be measured in how many babies you can pop out or how many wives you’re willing to let your husband take. 

Or maybe I have it all wrong, maybe I have been going about this the wrong way…maybe I should just move to Utah and take up the polygamist lifestyle, but in reverse.  I mean surly if there are that many ignorant women in the world who want to be one of her husbands many fuck buddy/baby making machines, maybe there are just as many ignorant men out there willing to be one of his wife’s many husbands.  I think I’ll ask Jamie tomorrow if he’s keen on the idea of being one of my many husbands and then we could move to Utah and add to our happy family and then maybe I could even get my own show and we could call it Brother Husbands…yeah that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.  You hear that TLC there’s another hit show for ya, just make sure you give me credit for the concept!

And the fact that the Utah County Attorney is looking into possible charges for the reality TV family only further proves my point of the children of such “marriages” being the ones who suffer most!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, this show is disgusting. If you have no respect for yourself at least have it for your children.

  2. Thank you! For a minute I worried this was too harsh, but when it comes down to it happy or not, loved or not, these children should NOT think this is normal, because it is SO not!

  3. I just don't get that lifestyle AT ALL. I mean sure...there have been times in my life where I wished I could clone myself just so I could have someone else have sex cause my drive is just not like my husbands, but in NO WAY would I ever be OK with him finding another wife to do it with. He can get a bottle of lotion and a rag.


    Then they have that one daughter on there who says there is NO WAY she will have multiple husbands. That to me, is very interesting. What is she seeing in that house, that we aren't seeing, that has made her totally think the opposite of her family's beliefs and what she has grown up with?

  4. Leah I don't get it either. What shocks me more than this situation is that there are people out there who believe it is alright.

  5. My knee jerk reaction is disgust and revulsion, plain and simple. Though my overall attitude toward other people and life is general is "live and let live" I can't help but feel this way.

    I have a family member who works at a govt agency in an area where polygamous unions are somewhat common. Have you ever wondered how a man can support all these "wives" and children while the rest of the country with normal families are struggling? How can plural families thrive when a typical family composed of one wife, one husband, and a child or two are struggling to make end meet?

    Apparently, the dirty little secret is that because the "sister wives" are not legally married, they live on public assistance that they are eligible for because they are "single" and often have many children.

    This is not to say that the family on the TLC lives this way, but other living this lifestyle do.

  6. I thought it was crazy when the ladies said they were comfortable with another wife but were jealous of him having the girlfriend. HELLO, your marriages are not legal anyways so what is the big difference? I guess they only feel comfortable with their husband sleeping with another woman if he's doing it under the same roof.

  7. I went to a private college for a while and one of the instructors there was like this guy. He was married and still wanted others to join in his family as wives, but not legally of course. He really started hitting hard and heavy on one of the pretty young ladies attending this college and soon they were dating. The private college hired him. He tried using them holding religious preference against him, but smart college it had in the contract that the teachers couldn't fraternize with the students.
    He kept coming around though waiting for her and such even after he was fired. The sad thing was she wasn't even of that faith and I don't really think she knew what she was getting herself into.
    I do think she ended up with one baby from him, yet they didn't stay with him. I think she wised up. I mean he already had his first wife and about eight children with her. I think he was just looking for a young thing that had more time to dot on him since the first wife was so tied down to the raising of her brood.

  8. I'm sorry above I meant to say The private college fired him, not hired him. Brain Glitches are bad today, I'm going to probably end up with a migraine because that's one of my first signs that ones coming on.

  9. I'd totally love to have another wife to do the cooking and cleaning or bring in more income. But I would kill her if she touched my husband... so I suppose I wouldn't be a good candidate for polygamy LOL

    Maybe I just need a housekeeper...

  10. I am so glad I'm not alone in feeling the way that I do...for a while there I really thought I was seeing something different than everyone else was seeing, but I am glad to know that is not the case! The things y'all have shared are some of the things I've been told about polygamy and a big part of the reason I disagree with thank you all for confirming that I'm not crazy (though the jury may still be out on that one lol).

    And Jayme I totally think me and you both need a housekeeper lol.

  11. Um, yeah ...He's a douche who looks for women with low self-esteem and confidence.


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