Monday, September 20, 2010

Barbie's A Fashion Fairytale My girls love Barbie, they always have, and to be honest I’ve always been a sucker for Barbie and her cute outfits and impressive resume!  I’m fairly certain that my girls have all of the Barbie movies as well, they can watch them over and over again and never seem to get tired of them.  Luckily my girls are in for a treat because is back in an all new adventure: “Barbie a Fashion Fairy Tale”. 

Barbie’s A Fashion Fairytale is a modern day fairytale that will excite every little girl’s love of fashion, friends, and fun!  In “A Fashion Fairytale” Barbie and her dog Sequin head off to Paris (such a lovely setting no?) to help her Aunt Millie’s struggling fashion house.  Barbie together with three Flairies who poses sparkle-magic powers come to the rescue and devise a plan to help Aunt Millie!  After inspiring a amazing, but shy fashion designer named Alice, Barbie puts together a fabulous runway show and helps save her aunt’s business! 

Barbie’s A Fashion Fairytale also features tons of Bonus Features including:

*  Outtakes

*  I can be…A Fashion Designer

*  “Life is a Fairytale” Music Video

*  The Ultimate Barbie Party

*  Trailer Gallery and so much more!

All three of my daughters sat down with me to watch A Fashion Fairytale.  From start to finish my two youngest girlies stayed glued to the television waiting for Barbie’s next move.  As with every Barbie movie, A Fashion Fairytale comes complete with a girl powerful message:  “magic can happen if you believe in yourself”.  I love that my girls can enjoy watching Barbie’s movies and learn the power and importance of helping others and believing in yourself!

If you’re looking for a great DVD chock full of girl power then I would definitely recommend that you check out Barbie’s A Fashion Fairytale!  You can also check out for lots of fun games and activities to go along with the movie!

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