Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have always had a problem with dry skin. Now that I'm a mom and my hands are in water constantly the problem is worse than ever. I am constantly trying new hand lotions that promise miracle results and produce absolutely nothing. A few months ago a good friend and I were having a conversation about something or other when she stopped mid-sentence and grabbed my hand, I wasn't sure whether to be afraid or laugh, but quickly realized what had caught her horribly dry skin. "Doesn't that hurt?" she asked obviously in disbelief that my hands were so dry. Of course I went on to tell her that I've tried every lotion known to man and so far had found nothing that helps. She began telling me about virgin coconut oil and how she used it for everything including a moisturizer for her skin. I figured anything was worth trying and made a mental note to look into it. Well if you know anything about me then you know that mental notes are not the best way to remember something so I quickly forgot all about it.

About a month ago I had the chance to try out Tropical Traditions virgin coconut oil and remembering my friend and her praises of the product I gave it a shot. At first I just used the oil as a moisturizer on my hands and body and then I started reading the booklet that came with the coconut oil and began to realize how many uses the product had, from cooking with it to helping increase metabolism virgin coconut oil has a million uses. I quickly found out that it makes an excellent hair conditioner, I used it on my oldest daughter's hair (she has coarse, dry, very thick hair that is hard to manage) and it did an amazing job at making her hair so much softer and much less brittle. Some of the other ways that virgin coconut oil can be used include,

  • As a weight loss aid

  • Sun protection

  • Underarm protection

  • Boosts energy

  • It can even be used for your pets.
To find out more about virgin coconut oil as well as how you can purchase this and many other products visit

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