Sunday, May 24, 2009

When I became pregnant for the first time so many things changed with my body, some good (can you say goodbye B cup) and some not so much. The one change I noticed right away when I became pregnant was the explosion of acne all over my face. As a teenager I never really experienced acne, sure I had the occasional pimple but that was the extent of my experience. That all changed when I became became a mom and I'm not so happy to say that it has been a problem that I've struggled with for years now. I go through stages where I have no breakouts and no problems but when it rains it pours and it's those times when I wish I had the solutions to the problem.

Over the years I've tried a number of different products; some over the counter some prescription and all with the same results, very little change in the amount of acne on my face and even less change in the frequency of recurring breakouts. A few weeks ago I was asked to review Proactiv and not expecting much but willing to give it a try I agreed. I have been using the Proactiv kit for almost a week and a half now and I have noticed great results. My breakouts are non existent, my skin feels smoother, and the appearance of my skin is visibly improved. I loved the ease of using the products (there kit that I received contained Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, Repairing Lotion, and the Refining Mask) and my favorite product was the Refining mask which worked over night to get rid of rogue pimples. In my experience with other acne medications (both OTC and prescription) the products made my skin very blotchy and most dried my skin out to the point of peeling. I did experience some dryness with Proactiv but nothing like the other products that I've used. I just cut back from using the products twice a day to once a day and the dryness hasn't been nearly as bad.
For those of you who haven't heard of Proactiv here's the low down. Proactiv was developed by two Standford-trained dermatologists (who both just happen to be women). The creators of Proactiv had both suffered from and survived acne and so their quest for an acne product that not only worked but continued to produce amazing results began and Proactiv was created. I always found out that Proactiv was actually developed for adult women something that I found interesting since most acne products are developed for teens.
It's nice to know that there is a product out there that was not only developed for women like me, but that actually works. I've never gotten excited about an acne product before because the honest truth is they have all promised results that just did not happen, but Proactiv worked for me when nothing else has. Whether you suffer from acne or just have the occasional pimple and need a great preventative routine you should definitely check out's not just for teens!


  1. I started using proactiv in college and love it! It's the first acne product that didn't make my face dry up

  2. You are so right! Proactiv is definitely not just for teens! The refining mask is excellent for stubborn zits and I love the concealer to tackle them during the day! I dab a bit of the concealer on a make-up sponge and apply like I would foundation, coverage and acne fighter! Glad you found something that works, I've been using it gor years and am still happy!

  3. I am so glad that you found proactiv! I started to use it about a year and half ago and it has totally changed my face! It works better and more consistently then any other product I have every tried! They have great solutions for all skin types. I can't relate to the change that occur when you are pregnant, but since graduating from college a few years ago, I have come to value a product that works on adult skin.
    Some of my favorite products are the refining mask (works over night), the clear purifying mask (works during the day under my make-up), and the daily moisturizer with SPF 15 (a great moisturizer and it is nice not have to remember to use sun screen in the summer). They are fast, easy parts of my life that give me clear beautiful skin!
    Good luck with everything you are doing in life- you have your hands full! :)

  4. I could've written your story! My acne got worse after pregnancy too. I love the Proactiv system. I love the Refining Mask as well, and the security it gives me. i know use the Refining Mask once a week, (& the Oil Free Moisture daily to keep the perfect balance of hydration) my skin has really improved. Proactiv proves that there really is a system that will work and that REAL people have sucess with it. Hooray for clear skin!

  5. I am in the second trimester of my first pregnancy, so I know how the skin flares up when the hormones kick in, especially during the first trimester. But Proactiv is so awesome, the refining mask and the 3-piece kit helped to curb the breakouts, and now my skin looks great. I can finally say that I have that pregnancy glow!

  6. I can absolutely relate to your story!! After I had my son, my normal and even skin, completely changed. I was having consistent breakouts and was so frustrated. Proactiv has been a huge blessing. My skin looks and feels great and I rarely have any breakouts at all. I had a little drying at first too, but just use a little less of the product or once a day, like you. My skin is soft and glowing and the furthest thing from my mind - perfect for a busy mom!

  7. I agree 100% - Proactiv is an amazing product for any age!

    I started having really bad acne in high school and tried every OTC medication I could get my hands on. After seeing a dermatologist and trying every prescription product under the sun I was put on Accutane. This medication started clearing my skin but the side effects were severe and I was taken off of it. But my skin wasn’t fully repaired so it left me in an in between stage. All throughout high school, college and well up until February of 2008 I had consistent breakouts all over my face – but then I ordered Proactiv!

    Since I started using Proactiv over a year ago I have been able to rely on it to take care of my adult acne! If I do have a breakout I can trust Proactiv to stand in the corner to fight it off!

    If you like the refining mask you should try the Advanced Blemish Treatment or Clear Purifying mask! They both work great during the day under makeup for spot treatments.

    I have been very concerned about my acne getting worse during pregnancy (I am engaged and planning on trying for children shortly after marriage) but thank you for putting my mind at ease because now I know I can trust Proactiv for that as well! I keep finding out just how amazing this product really is!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  8. High five to that!
    Proactiv is the best.
    Plain and simple!
    It does not dry up your skin, it feels so wonderful throughout the entire process, and has been made so convenient for us to use on vacations or any type of travel with the mini kit! I have been using Proactiv for almost a year now and my skin STILL looks wonderful...still. I am still using Proactiv twice a day and it hasnt lost its touch at ALL! Proactiv is the best and I just wish everyone would give it a try! Even if you do not have severe break outs or acne, just to clear up some black heads and even out your skin tone, Proactiv is truly the best choice!!!!



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