Saturday, February 21, 2009

When I was younger I sat down and wrote a list of things that i wanted to do or accomplish before I turned 30. Since I turn 30 on Monday I decided to pull the list out and see what I had done. Some of them are serious and some are just plain silly, but that's exactly how I am.

Things that I have done/accomplished are in red!

1. Go to college.

2. Finish college. This one is pink, because while I am still in college I only have two semesters to go before I graduate!

3. Get a great job! Even though being a SAHM isn't most people's idea of a real job, to me it has to be the best job on that's why I chose to make this one red!

4. Get married to a great guy! Notice how only part of this one is in red. While I did get married it most certainly was not to a great guy!

5. Be a mommy. This one is my proudest achievement!

6. Forgive the people who have done me wrong in my life. This one is pink because I have truly forgiven some of the's just very hard to forgive one or two who really hurt me, but I'm working on it!

7. Find myself! This one is a work in progress!

8. Go to Italy.

9. Grow up. Even though I'm pretty sure it's much closer to red there still is a part of me who is completely a kid at heart!

10. Help someone for no other reason than to help!

11. Build a better relationship with my mom. This on is easier said than done...I try but it usually produces the same results.

12. Build a better relationship with my dad.

13. Write more and possibly write a book or screen play. When I was younger I was all about writing everything all the time. I wanted so badly to write screen plays and have even written a few sadly I don't have the time to make that part of my dream a reality at the moment!

14. Get over my fear of singing in public. I'm still terrified of this!

15. Inspire change. Even though I haven't done this yet I want to make it my mission to help moms like me that are owed child support and constantly abandoned and let down by the child support system.

16. Find a love worth fighting for.

17. Own my own home. The bank owns most of it...does that count? lol

18. Quit being such a control freak! I can not seem to do this no matter how hard I try!

19. Get over my fear of roller coasters. Um this is truly my biggest fear...looking at a roller coaster makes me have a panic's silly but I'm terrified!

20. Ride the Vortex...without throwing up! Now pictures were definitely in order for this one! I actually did ride it...without throwing up, but I thought I was going to die the entire time and I have never been more afraid in my whole life (seriously...nothing has ever made me feel like I was at death's door like riding this thing).

21. Stop being so bitchy. I fear I will never, ever achieve this one!

22. Learn to enjoy the little things in life.

23. Become the person I've always worked towards being.

24. Sing and dance in the rain as an adult! I know this one sounds so silly, but I think the measure of true happiness (at least for me) would be me being able to do this one without feeling silly.

25. Not take myself too seriously.

26. See suffering and destruction first hand and try to aid in making it better. Though I have yet to do this I want to be able to go to a third world country and help people in means a lot to me and I hope to be able to do this one day.

27. Teach someone to read.

28. Take the time to smell the roses.

29. Let all my inhibitions go and have more fun that I've ever had. I plan on doing this one next weekend when I go out for my birthday.

30. Be a better person! I do try every day to make this one a reality...I have quite a ways to go but I'm getting there!

It's clear to me that I still have a ways to go before I achieve everything I wanted to do so far in life...I'm sure I'll end up writing a few of them on my bucket list one of these days!


  1. I refuse to fully ever grow up. I think it's important to stay a kid at heart.

  2. What a great list! And you've done so much in such a short time!

  3. Ah, the big 30 is right around the corner. Happy Birthday to you! Being 30 not as bad as people make it out to be. After all, age is just a number, right?

    Great list and inspirations!


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