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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So my good friend Debra @ Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History gave me this that great award you see up above all my gibberish! Here are the rules...The rules for the Honest Scrap award: The honorees are to: A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

So Here are My 10 Honest Truths
1. I always have to wear socks...I'm weird and I even hate taking then off to get a shower!
2. I cuss...A LOT!!! The F Bomb is my curse word of choice...don't you judge
3. I smoke way too much (cigarettes in case you thought you may have just figured out why I seemed a little nuts) I know it's bad for me and I need to stop, but they're the one bad thing I do, aside from the cursing of course.
4. I'm a trivia freak...I know more useless information than Meredith Vieira, Regis Philbin, and Alex Trebek combined.
5. I'm addicted to reality television...even the really bad shows that no one watches...well I guess I single handedly keep them on the air!
6. I collect advertising tins and I have close to a thousand of them...I'll have to post about this sometime.
7. I'm obessive compulsive when it comes to how my towels are folded, it drives me family nuts.
8. Blue is my favorite color...NC blue to be exact!
9. I so do not get football, but I love basketball.
10. I never erase the messages on my answering machine...seriously right now I have 52 old messages, this drives my fiance nuts, which is probably why I do it.

Now for the 7 bloggers I would like to pass the award on to...I love all these blogs and the bloggers themselves are pretty cool as well!


  1. A fellow reality show junkie!! Yes! Do you watch the Real Housewives? I LOVE all of them!

    Now that is too funny, you don't erase voicemails. Your machine doesn't fill up? I have been known not to erase mine, but after a while it will fill the box up, so to speak, and stop working. LOL!

    p.s. I tend to have a potty mouth at work. Get me away from the office and I clean up pretty good.You think it would be the other way around. I'm weird. ;-)

  2. Congrats on you new award...

    Yah, someone who is obsessive about their towels... Mine have to be folded just right too.. Or I start to twitch... hehehe

  3. Omgosh... Thank you so much for the award. I'm blushing...

    a.k.a. MommaYoung

  4. You're too sweet! I need to do this from the one Debra sent too, oh boy need more hours in the day. It's so funny I think we're the same, I'm totally ADD about things.

  5. Debra I so love reality tv...and I LOVE The Real Housewives...last nights episode totally pissed me off though...Tamra (who until last night was my favorite) really made herself look like an ass by getting Gretchen that drunk...she's so obviously jealous of her!

    And Anjanette I am so so sorry I put the wrong name on yours...I have no idea where Melissa came from, but I fixed it!

    And Alexis you know I love your blog and I would feel like a cheater if I gave out an award and did not include you!

  6. Thanks for the award; I'll post this later today :)

    I am the same way about socks, I hate hate hate HATE bare feet. Anyone's bare feet. LOL

  7. P.S. I also have an award for you at my blog (two awards actually). Butterfly/BlogLove Awards

  8. thanks once again..
    Love your honesty..
    and adore you...!
    I am a swearer too..(i hate it)
    but i just .can't seem to stop....
    anyhow..i will definatley do this
    thanks again

  9. LOL..
    i know , i was thinking the same thing....
    i think if we had a swear jar....i'd be able to afford the kids another vacation just on my bad words alone..

  10. I swear you sound like me! Thanks for the award I will post on it this weekend. It will give me some time to think.


  11. I cuss alot too! dammit! Thanks for the award! GOnna try and post it this week!

  12. Girl, I missed this weeks show but plan on catching it on reruns or on the internet. Tamra has been my favorite but she has been a little stinker since Gretchen came along. She is totally jealous and feeling insecure since Gretchen is youner than her.

  13. Check you out, you're just racking in the awards! You go girl! Oh, so are you interested in a button? Use my profile to email me. Mmmmmmkay?


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