Friday, September 27, 2013

Bullying is a word that we hear all too often in 2013 and it's an issue that definitely takes the awareness and action of many to bring an end to the suffering of those who are bullied on a daily basis.  I've had my own experiences with bullies when I was in school and I've seen my own children in situations where they were being picked on that could have very easily turned to bullying, so any chance I have to bring more awareness to the issue--I'm there. 

I wrote a post recently about Office Depot and their National Backpack Program and this brand just continues to impress me with their outreach programs and in advance of National Bullying Prevention Month in October, Office Depot is getting some help from some very famous young men to help bring awareness to the epidemic of bullying.

When children are committing suicide and more than 160,000 are missing school on any given day, it’s more than a problem. It’s an epidemic – an epidemic called bullying. It’s facing children everywhere today, and while we’ve made a lot of progress, there’s still a lot of work to be done.
The Office Depot Foundation – the independent, nonprofit philanthropic arm of Office Depot - in partnership with Brooks Gibbs, one of the nation’s leading youth crisis counselors and bullying experts - is rolling out its “Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying!” program in middle schools across the U.S. during the upcoming school year, with support from the global pop sensation band One Direction and Office Depot.

Gibbs, author of the book Love is Greater Than Hate, is conducting school assemblies for students as well as anti-bullying education sessions for parents, teachers and administrators around the nation throughout the school year. The campaign aims to give students the confidence and courage to use the Golden Rule as a strategy for reducing bullying. Gibbs’ “treat everyone like friends - even your enemies” philosophy enhances One Direction’s message of “Live Nice.”
October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and initiatives like the Office Depot Foundation’s “Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying!” program are working hard to put an end to the bullying epidemic. 
So do your part and help spread the word about the "Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying!” campaign...putting an end to bullying has to start somewhere!

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  1. I didn't know it was National Prevent Bullying Month. I love this program, since I was bullied all through school.


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