Friday, November 18, 2011

If there’s one thing that I can count on to bring smiles to my kids faces it’s being curled up on the couch beside mommy and daddy with a big bowl of popcorn and a Disney movie!


Since I can remember I’ve loved all things Disney; the characters, the movies, and the magic that only Disney can create and inspire!  When I became a Mom I knew that I wanted my kids to love and appreciate Disney as much as I did, so I started collecting Disney movies for my oldest daughter Taylor before she was even born.  As Taylor got older her movie collection grew and as I began having more babies the collection grew even bigger—and today we have an entire entertainment center stuffed full of Disney movies.  Thankfully my husband appreciates our collection of movies as much as I do, and I would kinda be a liar if I said he didn’t enjoy watching them almost as much as the kids do!  While I’ve acquired most of our movies here and there over the years I love the Disney Movie Club because not only are they Disney owned, but they have amazing deals on our favorite movies—like right now new members can snag 4 Disney movies for just $1 with FREE shipping and handling—how cool is that?!

As my kids grow older I know that my collection will start to shrink as they graduate and move out and inevitably take a few movies along with them, but for now I take comfort in the fact that on any given night (or day) I can gather my kiddos up, pop some popcorn, and turn on a Disney movie and all is right with the world—and that’s kinda a big deal for a mom!


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