Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last semester I took a poetry class so I could get a few more credit hours. We were asked to write a poem about something that changed our lives or made us who were are today. My poem was incredibly personal, but it was the one thing that I went through that truly changed me and made me into the person I am it is.

He stands above me staring holes into my flesh
his eyes burning with the fire of a thousand Hells.
I try not to look for fear that I may be sucked in,
into a place where dreams are destroyed and hearts are broken.

His words pierce the silent night
like daggers they penetrate my soul.
Insults and threats each one more vicious than the one before.
I feel my chest tighten, fear of breathing overcomes me.

The first fist misses; I breathe a sigh of relief
but not for long because I know the rest will come.
They always come, washing over me like waves over the shore
leaving me bruised and unable to fight back.

What is something that changed your life?

My voice is reduced to a whisper, faintly I plead
“Not my stomach. Please she’s done nothing wrong.”
I beg for his mercy, his compassion but my pleas fall on deaf ears
It’s too late; he’s too far gone silently I pray for him to go away.

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